Reiki Massage


The story of Reiki starts in Japan in the middle 1800’s with Dr. Mikao Usui, who was trying to gain understanding of the healing methods used in religious texts, methods that had been lost to us through the dark ages. There are many questions about his history, and how he acquired the knowledge he used to pursue his quest. One version states that he was the principle of Doshisha University in Japan, a physician as well as a Christian minister, and that he moved to the United States, attended and graduated from the University of Chicago with a degree in Theology, before moving back to Japan to continue his work. Other versions describe him as a Buddhist, versed in ancient Sanskrit, and a follower of theTao (the Way), and never coming to the United States at all. Despite the lack of accurate records, what seems certain is that Dr. Usui armed himself with formidable knowledge, which enabled him to find and interpret the healing methods used by religious leaders such as Jesus Christ, and the Buddha. He called it Reiki, a Japanese word translated as ‘universal life force energy’, and trained a number of people in his method, who in turn trained others. In this way Reiki has come to us.


Reiki is not a religion, and is not affiliated with any religion. Healing touch is far older in concept than any religious philosophy The laying on of hands to comfort and heal is as old as humanity. When we hurt, we place our hands on it or rub the area that is in pain. Watch any child that has been hurt. She wants her mother to hold her, to ‘kiss it and make it better’. The act of laying on of hands is the basis for all touch therapies, with ample precedent in all religious writings.

Everything that has life, has energy - the life force itself - and it has been recognized by many cultures. It’s been given as many names as there are people; Ruach, Barraka, Ch’i, Prana, Orenda, Mana, and Ki are but a few of them. With instruction and intent, this energy can be connected to and focused on physical and emotional dis-ease in the person that receives it, allowing the healing of negative thoughts, old emotions, and physical manifestations of unhealed distress. Many believe that all physical pain has nonphysical roots residing in emotional trauma, negative mental patterns, or spiritual despair. The healing comes, not from the practioner whose hands are on the recipient, but through those hands, coming from the unlimited life force all around us, so this healing can go much farther than the evident pain, find these roots, and treat them. The giver cannot ethically accept credit for any positive results, nor accept responsibility for no results. The receiver may consciously or unconsciously refuse the energy, choosing to hold their pain for whatever reason. There may be good reason for this; they may be getting something that they have no other way to obtain. Whatever happens in the session is what was meant to happen. In the end, we can only heal ourselves.

A Reiki session at BodyMind Dynamics takes place with you reclining, comfortably draped with a warm blanket. The lights are subdued, and music plays softly. With your permission, I place my hands on your body, usually where you are perceiving pain or discomfort, and move them as they are directed. Reiki is an especially non-invasive type of massage, and can do no harm in any way. Some clients notice an immediate warmth in my hands, some, a vibration. Some notice nothing at the moment, but most find a deep degree of relaxation, and most tend to lose track of time as they sink into the feeling of nurturing common during energy work. I am careful to stay within your comfort zone, and may ask questions or make observations, always remaining non-judgmental. Results can be very subtle, or sometimes very profound.

A Reiki session takes about an hour.
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