This is an ancient method of massage that uses knowledge gained through thousands of years of observation to locate and work with the body’s energy pathways - mainly throughout the feet, hands, and ears - points corresponding to all of the body’s organs and systems. Think of a stream, a circular stream of energy, coursing through your body, enabling efficient function of all systems.  Blockage anywhere on the stream can lead to backed up, stagnant energy, and work on these reflex points can free the energy to move along the entire meridian without hindrance, improving blood flow, encouraging waste removal, freeing excess tension, and normalizing body functions, thus allowing the body to heal itself.


Your reflexology session at BodyMind Dynamics will be about an hour in length, though I encourage you to leave a little extra time to relax, as some clients find it so relaxing that they sleep through at least part of the hour. You will be reclining and warmly covered with a blanket, and there will be soft music playing and the room lights will be dimmed. Your feet are kept warm as my hands and fingers find areas of tension and work to dissipate them. As always, your therapy at BodyMind Dynamics is customized to your needs, and will be different for each session. We will always talk about your goal for this massage, as well as long term goals, and I am always careful to stay in your comfort zone.

A Reflexology session takes about an hour
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