Warm stones have been used for thousands of years as a way to heal body tissues in a nurturing, benevolent way. There is evidence that folk medicine in such diverse cultures as Africa, Brazil, Egypt, India, Native American and many European areas utilized hot stones for therapeutic purposes.

I use basaltic stones, the best for holding heat, and lay them out according to your body’s needs, utilizing nerve points, blood vessels, energy meridians, and chakra points. As these places receive the penetrating heat from the stones, I use smoothly polished stones with warm scented oil to massage heat into your muscles with a slow flowing motion.

This is a very relaxing massage. You recline in a temperature controlled room with soft lighting while quiet music plays. The stones click against one another as they glide across your skin, spreading warmth and soothing release of tension.

A Hot Stone Massage takes about an hour, and can be extended to an hour and a half
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*I need several hours lead time to heat the stone


Hot/Cold Stone Facial Massage


I use alternating hot and cold stones to promote increased circulation to facial tissues, gently moving the stones to encourage deep relaxation.

A Stone Facial takes about a half hour, and can be paired with the Hot Stone Massage.
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