Deep Tissue Massage


The deep tissue work I do has drawn from the many modalities I have been interested in and studied. They include Orthokinetics, Neuromuscular and Myofascial Release, Acupressure and Trigger Point Therapy. Depending on need, I will often use moist heat and/or cold packs to soften tense tissue, and to encourage circulation of new blood and lymph to the area, hastening the healing process. This type of work is usually done slowly and methodically, and addresses not only the muscles themselves, but also where they attach to other structures. Usually, I do not work directly over an acute injury, but ease the surrounding muscle groups, and I often apply passive and active stretches to address the injured site indirectly.


 Your deep tissue massage at BodyMind Dynamics starts in one of my treatment rooms, comfortably draped and bolstered. The lights are subdued, and there is soft music playing. Warm soothing massage cream is lightly applied, as individual muscles are isolated and worked. I take care to always stay within your comfort zone, and encourage feedback as to pressure and pain. Massage does not have to hurt to be helpful, and even very deep work can be accomplished without pain if you and your therapist have good communication.

deep tissue

A regular deep tissue massage take an hour, and can be extended to an hour and a half, or to two hours.
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