Cellulite Reduction


The goal of cellulite reduction as practiced here at BodyMind Dynamics is not so much weight loss, or the smoother appearance of the skin, though both do occur, but the removal of tissue that has a high capacity for storing environmental toxins. The removal of this fatty tissue, with the toxins it holds, accounts for the therapeutic and cosmetic benefits. Lowering the levels of toxins in our bodies can only be good for our health. 


Cellulite is a special type of adipose (fat) cell, and tends to accumulate just underneath the skin around the hips, thighs and belly. It overfills the space between the skin layers, stretching them until the fibers bonding the layers pucker, causing the all too familiar “orange peel” look. Men as well as women can develop cellulite, and there seems to be more and more as we consume our modern processed food and live with pollutants in our air and water, our homes and our personal care products.


The cellulite reduction treatment I do is based on the Lypossage technique, and has been expanded with the knowledge of Dr.Thomas Ahern, and with my study of the lymphatic system. It is a series of 12 treatments, twice a week for 6 weeks, and requires a high degree of cooperation from the client. It works by first manually breaking down the cellulite, then encouraging the lymph system to efficiently remove the released fat cells. It is a very vigorous massage, and is not necessarily a comfortable one. Initially, it can be somewhat painful, but the discomfort tends to diminish as the skin responds, and I am always careful to stay within your comfort zone. I can pair it with a detoxifying body wrap for the quickest results.

At best there is a measurable loss in inches and/or weight after several treatments, with more reduction as the treatments progress. At worst, there might not be much difference in size or weight, but the appearance of the skin is always much improved, reducing that “orange peel”.  A full treatment with a body wrap takes about 2 hours. After the entire treatment course, you should arrange a body wrap once a month or so to keep the tissue from reverting to cellulite again.

Cellulite Reduction takes about an hour and a half,
twice a week, for six weeks. Paired with Detoxifying Body Wraps, Add an hour, totaling two and a half hours.
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