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Mike's Experience

Mike's Experience

Mike's interest and experience in bodywork go back many years. Mike got his first experience with massage when, as a competitive swimmer, he exchanged massage with his teammates. Later, in his training as a paramedic, he excelled in his studies of anatomy and physiology. Mike's thorough knowledge of the human body informs his work today.

In the early 1990's Mike developed an interest in pain management as a result of his wife's fall from a horse. He took an informal class from a local massage therapist to help her recover from her back injury. Over the next several years, Mike gave massage to family, friends, and other therapists, who urged him to devote his working life to massage therapy.

officeIn 2004, Mike completed the 500-hour course of instruction at Ahern's Massage Therapy School in Mariposa, California. He soon obtained National Certification and licensure in North Carolina and in Tennessee. Mike then opened BodyMind Dynamics, dedicated to healing through multi-modality bodywork. Mike offers a variety of services to help people with chronic pain and stress and to promote overall well being.

National Certification # 427861 • Tennessee License # 4853 • North Carolina License # 5360

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